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Testimonials About Using YLF

The You Last Forever paradigm and teaching have been well-received by individuals representing many countries, including: the United States, Kenya, Nigeria, South Sudan, Ghana, Liberia, South Africa, Tanzania, India, Nepal, Ukraine, Russia, Mexico, Haiti, and China. In August 2015, Rev. Fisher taught You Last Forever in India, to hundreds of pastors from India and Nepal.

   “I wish to report that YOU LAST FOREVER (YLF) material has transformed many lives in our slum and in many villages in Eldoret North, (Rift Valley Province), Kakamega, Bungoma, Malaba Border to Uganda, Bunyore Maseno – Vihigs counties in western region of Kenya. Lokchogio – Turkana county, Northern Kenya YLF – Materials are powerful instrumental, the way the materials arranged has a self – explanatory. Thank you for the Lord using you all over the world for transforming the lost souls. When we visited Kigali, Rwanda, The Rwandi’s welcomed and presented Teaching of YOU LAST FOREVER to them and it transformed many lost souls. As from March 2012, 2013, 2014 AND 2015 many souls received Jesus Christ through YOU LAST FOREVER materials.”
– Kenyan Pastor
   “I have been around this stuff (Christianity/ Church) all my life. Both my parents were pastors and I have never heard anything like this. I am already starting to think of my life differently.”
–a highly successful PhD upon reading the Body and Soul Outline
   “Thank you for teaching and sharing with our kids. It is great for them to hear another pastor’s voice. My son (7 years old) told me all about your talk!”
   “Ed and I were so sorry to have missed both your presentation and speaking with you. I heard many good things about your presentation and I believe it was very much a blessing to the congregation. Thanks so much for coming.”
–Church Secretary
   “Your presentation gives people a mental hiccup which makes them stop and think about the Gospel in a new way.”
–Advertising executive and Evangelism Trainer
   “You Last Forever is a well thought out and thoroughly Biblical Gospel presentation.”
— From a seasoned Pastor and Evangelism Trainer
   “The You Last Forever Card puts a lot of gunpowder in a small cartridge. It is a ministry model that is logo simple. It is not just a logo but it has content. The visual is easily recognized, easily internalized, and easily expressed.”
–Video Producer/Director and Business/Ministry Consultant
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