YLF is a Biblical and seamless approach to use for spiritual life in discipleship and evangelism. It is a multifaceted system for the Gospel to instruct and empower Christians in their Faith.  YLF uses low tech and high tech; visual, auditory, and kinetic learning styles; printed and online materials.  YLF is a mind, eye and heart opener to bring people into the presence of God in this life and leave them there. YLF teaches a lot of Bible without requiring that the hearer know much of the Bible, i.e. just have a willingness to listen.  You do not have to know ahead of time whether the person is a Christian or not before you talk to them.  Talk to everyone!  Listen to your hearer’s responses and adjust your presentation accordingly for the believer or unbeliever.  YLF accommodates a flexible presentation in the time and circumstances allowed.  Recommend www.youlastforever.com to your hearers for a longer lasting effect.

I have done due diligence to make YLF evangelical, biblical, and useful for all Christians.  Many have seen and like it: Seminary professors, pastors, lay leaders and laity alike.  YLF appeals to all ages, races, and is nondenominational.  It is a fluid (mobile and flexible) vs. static (stationary and rigid) model to reach the world.  YLF helps people to see who they are as the image of God and then as repentant sinners live their Christian lives accordingly.  

Supporting materialswww.youlastforever.com with free downloads.  YLF resources include a Body and Spirit Outline, web video, postcards, booklets, small cards, YLF banners, and magazine articles about YLF.  Some of the materials may be personalized for distribution.

Teach YLF to large or small groups.  Who knows what person, ministry, activity or age group will best use YLF?  Introduce YLF to the whole congregation!  Use of YLF may ebb and flow as with any ministry, but it is designed for long-term effect.  Just keep the YLF materials, teaching, and coaches available to interact with interested people as opportunities arise.