You Last Forever literature samples, such as the printed items below, will be sent to donors giving $25 or more.  See the free YLF resources too.

"You Were Made to Last Forever" Cards

Carry You Last Forever cards to share with others as you serve the Lord.

People often will review, discuss, and ask to keep the card.

"You Were Made to Last Forever" Booklets.

These eight-page booklets are 5 ½ x 8½”, and in full-color.

Use for personal edification and for outreach.

"You Were Made to Last Forever" Post Cards.

The post card reads; Dear Image of God,

Your journey progresses from the womb to this world and into eternity.  None of us is a self-starter physically or spiritually.

We inherited physical life from Adam and Eve.  They disobeyed God and passed on to us sin and death.  Thus, we flee the Creator and His Word, the Bible.

Spiritual life with God comes only through Jesus Christ, the last Adam.  In love, the God-man came down from heaven to die for sinners.  He rose physically from the dead to guarantee forgiveness of sin to all who believe in Him.

Receive Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord and gain eternal life.  Be nourished by Jesus through the Bible, God’s Spirit, and a Bible teaching Church.

"You Were Made to Last Forever" Smaller Booklet

This is a 24 page, full-color, pocketsize YLF Gospel manual on salvation.