Plan ahead! You were made to last forever!

The womb, this world, and eternity are the three phases of human existence.  Jesus frequently used the physical world to explain the spiritual world.  This video shows how your own body is a lifelong object lesson to help you better understand what it is to have eternal life from God through Jesus Christ.  Eternal life received in this world extends forever in heaven. Click here to see the video transcript.

You Were Made to Last Forever…

You have eternity in your heart and you yearn for Paradise.

Step outside your current day-to-day and think about the three phases of your total existence.

Most of us never know when we are one day short of being full-term and out of this world as we know it.

The cards below show a person’s life and destiny with and without saving faith in Jesus Christ.  (See John 3:16-21, 31)


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You were made to last forever. The three circles represent the three phases of your existence. No phase can be isolated from the other two. You pass through this life and into eternity as a uni ... Read More