You were made to last forever! See this 5 minute video and quickly get the BIG picture. At the end you can print a free transcript.

You have eternity in your heart and you yearn for Paradise.

Step outside your current day-to-day activities and think about the three phases of your total existence. The first phase for all of us is our mother's womb for approximately nine months. The second phase is this world that we were born into and quickly leave. The third and last phase of our existence is eternity. Most of us never know when we are one day short of being full-term and out of this world as we know it.

Imagine a pre-born baby saying,

"I don't believe there is a Mom."
"I wonder if there is a Mom."
"I think this womb is all there is."
"I think I will just keep coming back here, maybe in a different form."
"No one can know whether there is life after leaving here."

What are you saying to yourself and what voices are you listening to with respect to this life and eternity?

No pre-born baby receives a manual ahead of time that teaches him or her what to expect in this world. Fortunately, we do not have to go clueless into eternity. There is Someone with excellent credentials who came from eternity to tell us:

what is up ahead,
how to prepare for it, and
how to have true spiritual life.

The purpose of is to give you real hope and joy now and forever.